Ilya Varlamov (varlamovru) wrote,
Ilya Varlamov

Maidan inside out

In the last days I received multiple requests to translate my posts for foreign readers, as they have very limited information about the happenings in Ukraine. Sharing and distribution is appreciated.

Пост на русском (post in Russian)

It is time to look into Maidan more carefully, as it has become a bit quieter in Kiev. Almost everybody has heard the word “Maidan” but still hardly knows what Maidan looks like. The centre of Kiev, which is Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti), the main street (Khreshchatyk), European Square and neighboring streets are occupied by all the protesters. They have occupied several buildings of the administration block where now people can get warm, receive medical help and clothes at special stations. The streets are covered in tents that shelter protesters from all over the country.

Everything on Maidan is perfectly organized. It reminds of a small state with its own army, armory which consists of bottles, sticks and stones, food stock, mass media, shops and, of course, well-functioning border control. The approach lane is blocked with massive barricades. Maidan with its watchtowers, barbed wire and numerous guards looks like a maximum security penal colony. It is protected by fighters whose effective weapon consists of sticks, thick metallic chains and Molotov cocktails. The fighters keep to the military discipline: they march and study the basics of street battle in their free time. They are divided into troops, each with its own commanding officer, aid man and even banner-bearer.
There is everything for living on Maidan. One can get food, all the necessary clothes, defence and medical aid in case one gets wounded. Some people cam here two months ago and stayed. The living conditions are obviously rather poor, since people are using street toilets, getting warmed by fires and sleeping in unheated tents.

I want a part of Maidan to be domed in glass to become a museum when Ukraine finally comes out of the political crisis. Nowadays Maidan is the main Kiev point of interest and its part should be transmitted over to the next generations. It is true art.

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